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Ant Exterminator Tulsa, Oklahoma

EnviroGuard Pest Solutions provides high-quality ant treatment and pest control services in the Broken Arrow & Tulsa, Oklahoma area

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Ant Treatment & Control

Ants tend to multiply extremely quickly. A few ants can lead to hundreds in no time, which is why it's important to address the situation right away. Ants are largely attracted by food, so don't leave crumbs, dirty dishes, trash or food out to tempt them. Remember, poor sanitation is the top cause of ant infestation. Once in your walls or under your foundation, they can cause costly damage if they colonize.

Here at EnviroGuard, we provide extermination of all kinds of ants. There many species common in Oklahoma, including carpenter ants, little black ants, red imported fire ants, Argentine ants, formica ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants. We have experience exterminating all of these and more.

Identifying Ants In Tulsa, Oklahoma Area

Our experienced team can identify the ant species you have and develop an aggressive plan of attack. Immediate action is key, as ants carry bacteria on their bodies, which they can spread easily as they meander across your countertops or sneak into your cupboards. Depending on the species, damage can be greater. For example, carpenter ants chew tunnels through wood beams, leading to expensive structural damage. As another example, fire ants can cause allergic reactions with their stings.

Call us for a free quote and we'll come out to inspect your property for these pests. Contact us today at 918-994-2755 for comprehensive ant control in Tulsa OK and surrounding areas.

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