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Wasp & Hornets Exterminator

Wasp & Hornets Exterminator Tulsa, Oklahoma

EnviroGuard Pest Control provides removal of hornets and wasp along with all stinging insects in the Tulsa, Oklahomaah area

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Bees & Hornets

Wasps, closely related to bees and ants, are stinging insects that can deliver painful stings that often spur life-threatening reactions. Wasp is an umbrella term that covers multiple species, such as hornets and yellow jackets. They tend to be solitary insects, unlike their close relatives, bees and ants, who create complex societies. However, some are social wasps that don't lose their stinger after attacking you (like honeybees) and will sting repeatedly.

Wasps are a serious problem throughout Oklahoma, especially during the summer. The most common species in Oklahoma are the paper wasps and the yellow jacket. Most will attack only if you threaten their nests, so refrain from spraying or hitting a nest to get rid of it. You need to call EnviroGuard immediately so we can treat the problem the right way.

Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

Paper wasps are yellow, black, brown, and red, with one-inch slender bodies. Yellow jackets are smaller, and black and yellow or white in color. Of yellow jackets, the bald-faced hornet is common in this area.

Wasps are attracted from food and trash sources such as soda spills, open garbage cans, and sugary snacks. Wasp stings are painful, certainly, but it's the allergic reactions they can cause that should be of concern. Anaphylactic shock can be deadly.

Hornets & Wasps Removal!

Removal of wasp nests often requires a careful and multi-step approach. That's where the team at EnviroGuard comes in. We can give you a free quote now on wasp removal at 918-994-2755.

Professional Hornet & Wasp Removal:

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